Обложка альбома TqTerrance Quaites (born May 24, 1976), known professionally as TQ, is an American R&B singer. He is perhaps best known for his hit song "Westside", which became a top 40 hit in several countries in 1998. Terrance Quaites began his music career in the early 1990s with the R&B ensemble Coming of Age (band), who had a hit with the ballad "Coming Home to Love". After two album releases, the group went their separate ways. The summer of 1998 saw TQ notch his first hit with "Westside". Later that year, They Never Saw Me Coming was released, along with the single "Bye Bye Baby", and "Better Days" which followed the next year. In 2000's, TQ released his second album, The Second Coming. He recorded his own Cash Money album, Gemini, but it was never officially released. He released a new album, Listen, in 2004. In 2007, TQ was featured on a single from the debut album of Iranian-Canadian rapper Imaan Faith. TQ's song Paradise was released on April 29, 2008. On March 23, 2009, TQ released the S.E.X.Y. EP on iTunes. It was made available on CD on June 30. The EP consists of previously unheard TQ material. TQ released his latest album, titled Kind of Blue, on March 23, 2010.
  • Трек: My Fascination (feat. Trans-x)
  • Исполнитель (артист): TQ
  • Длительность 3:35
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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Видео клип "TQ - My Fascination (feat. Trans-x)"

  • 5:24
    TQBye Bye Baby
  • 3:49
    TQRhythm Of Love (feat. Italove) [Extended Version]
  • 4:30
    TQInternationally Yours (featuring Homie) (Album Version)
  • 4:08
    TQOoh La La La (featuring AtWill, Homie, P-Nut and Vanity of the GiGi's) (Album Version)
  • 3:41
    TQIn The Night (feat. Ken Laszlo & Fred Ventura) [Ex]
  • 5:04
  • 3:31
    TQ;Krayzie BoneGet Away
  • 3:42
    TQDolce Vita Reload (feat. Kristian Conde) [Extended]
  • 3:51
    TQWestside (Radio Edit)
  • 4:46
    TQOut Of The Shadows (feat. Linda Jo Rizzo) [Extende]
  • 4:26
    TQBetter Days (Album Version)
  • 4:16
    TQLet The Night Remain Forever (Extended Version)
  • 3:32
    TQIn The Night (The Solo Extended Version)
  • 3:02
  • 4:07
    TQYour Sister (Featuring Too Short) (Album Version)
  • 3:35
    TQKickstart (Extended Version)
  • 3:33
    TQDarlin' Mary (Album Version)
  • 4:53
    TQChina Blue (Extended Version)
  • 4:35
    TQGotta Make That Money (Featuring E-40) (Album Version)
  • 3:39
    TQLeave It All Behind (feat. John Sauli) [Extended V]
  • 3:41
    TQBest Friend (Album Version)
  • 3:43
    TQCome See Me
  • 4:35
    TQRememberMelinda (Album Version)
  • 4:18
    TQLet's Got To Tokyo (Extended Version)
  • 3:31
    TQThe Grind (featuring Warren G) (Album Version)
  • 4:04
    TQThey Never Saw Me Coming (Featuring Jay) (Album Version)
  • 4:31
    TQOne More Lick (Featuring Tray Deee) (Album Version)
  • 4:47
    TQ duet with Ericka YanceyWhen I Get Out (Duet With Ericka Yancey) (Clean)
  • 3:52
    TQOne Day (featuring Layzie Bone) (Album Version)
  • 3:40
    TQHold It Down (featuring Vandalz) (Album Version)
  • 4:32
    TQDaily (Album Version)
  • 3:59
    TQHard Life (featuring E-40 & The GiGi's)
  • 3:29
    TQG.H.E.T.T.O. (Album Version)
  • 5:27
    TQ duet with Ericka YanceyWhen I Get Out (Duet With Ericka Yancey) (Album Version)
  • 4:44
    TQI Get Around (Album Version)
  • 3:32
    TQIf The World Was Mine (Album Version)
  • 3:33
    TQHow Can I Be Down (featuring Ja Rule) (Album Version)
  • 1:11
    TQChange (Intro) (Album Version)
  • 0:18
    TQAss Or Weed (Interlude) (Album Version)
  • 3:02
    TQDanger (Extended Version)
  • 5:04
    TQBeen A Long Time (Album Version)
  • 4:16
    TQLiteSkinFreckleFace (featuring P-Nut & The GiGi's) (Album Version)
  • 4:16
    TQThe One (Album Version)
  • 0:54
    TQMama (Interlude)
  • 0:19
    TQWeed Or Ass (Interlude) (Album Version)
  • 1:54
    TQCome Again (Interlude)